Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick~or~Treat Tuesday

Edwardsville has a long running tradition of hosting a Halloween parade. So, instead of trick or treating on the 31st, they do two nights of trick or treating. Last night was our night, and we had a few friends over to share in the fun! We had SUCH a great time - the kids were so excited, and you should have heard the chorus of "Trick or Treat!" when a neighbor would open the door. They got great treats and almost every house had the light on in our cul-de-sac and the one that mirrors ours. Such a great time - I was as giddy as they were just watching their excitement. We are so blessed to be surrounded by great neighbors, in a perfect neighborhood, with good friends. Our girls especially had a blast having other kids to share in the fun.

And, what is a blog post without PICTURES? You know me better than that. ;)

One quick Jack-related aside - a sweet mom I know send him a pair of Hanna Andersson "zippers" - one piece pajamas that zip up the front. Guess what? THEY FIT! Perfectly. He has been crawling around, climbing the stairs, no slipping on hems, no rolled up cuffs - a dream!!! They're fantastic. (So, note to the CAST groupies - - size 90 fits great over the cast!)

And, again - without further ado...


Becka said...

That picture of Esther is priceless!

Vicki said...

SO cute! Sorry I missed it! It sure looked like fun. Esther looks like she found a special treat of her own!
Ron and I sat on the front porch this year and got to know our neighbors a little better. It was a great success. It's nice to live on a cul-de-sac street in a great neighborhood, isn't it?
Happy Halloween!!!
See you all very soon.

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