Saturday, October 20, 2007

Angels Among Us

They are there - in the least expected moments you will find them.

We found them yesterday all around us in a moment of panic with Jack's cast. The amazing woman in Chicago who not only makes magic happen, she does so quickly! The local resident who somehow, someway was convinced that it was okay for him to trim Jack's cast. Our Shriner's, who allowed it to happen. The lady who gently rubbed his arm, reassuring him with me, as the scary-sounding cast saw hummed nearby. And, above all, my Aunt and Uncle who met us at the hospital to watch the girls so that we could attend to Jack.

The cast is beautifully trimmed today and Jack woke up 100% back to his typical self.

I am overjoyed - and to celebrate we made the trip out to the pumpkin patch and had a great afternoon. It is a very sunny, beautiful 84° here and despite some silly faces in the pictures, I'm sure you can see that they had a fantastic time.

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