Monday, October 22, 2007

Boo to you and you...

For those of you familiar with the greatest Halloween party on Earth (also known as Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party) - that's the song they play over and over throughout the night. But, last night we were "Boo'd" - our third year of playing this little game with neighbors, where you leave a small gift on their front door with a little note and a ghost to hang on the door, so everyone in the neighborhood knows when you've been Boo'd and they can move on to an unmarked house.

The girls squealed and looked at each clicker, every straw, the candies, the trinkets and treats. It was fantastic! They had even more fun the night before delivering our Boos to the neighbor across the street and the one just two houses down. Quite stealth, those girls are!

In the process, Jack got his first taste of candy - a lollipop he ate while being held (and very closely supervised) by Daddy. He made a HUGE sloppy drooly mess of himself, so I thought I'd take that opportunity to document the answer to everyone's favorite question, "HOW do you give him a bath!?"

And, while on the subject of questions, after a long conversation with my amazing Aunt last night, I've added a list of wishes and wants to the side here. I know many people are not in a position to help, and I totally understand. We don't expect it. But, for those who want to know what they can do - there are some ideas. I know that this year has many families reeling, particularly with the holidays coming upon us. But, for what it's worth, the ideas are there. Your prayers and positive thoughts are the most appreciated of all!

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