Monday, October 15, 2007


After rushing up to Chicago, we met the resident at the hospital in the cast room. He cut off Jack's cast after several terrifying (to Jack) attempts with the saw. He screamed for over a half hour between the cast removal and the x-rays they insisted on.

The measurements are terrible. The day he was casted, the worst he has been, was 64° (official measurement). Today, after more than 9 weeks in the cast, the curve is 70° - it has gotten worse, based on today's measurements, after all we've gone through - all the tears - all the frustration and risks and misery.

It's late and we have an early operating room time, so I need to get off the computer and get to bed in this hotel room, but tonight I don't know what the future holds at all.


Gwen said...

I hope that Jack is in his new cast with a curve much smaller than anyone could have hoped for by now. I hope that the first cast was just not right for some reason and that THIS time will be the turning point. I hope that no matter what happens you know that we are all behind you, holding you up in prayer, hoping for the very best outcome for Jack.

Dannielle said...

I'm praying. I wish there was more I could do. But I truly believe prayer is a powerful thing.

Kimberlee said...

All I can offer is a {{{HUG}}}

What else did you find out?

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