Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The gift of good friends

You remember Dannielle? Her blog is over there -------------->

You know, the Wild Things quilt? Yeah, THAT Dannielle!

Well, several days ago she made an offer that sort of took a bit of time to process. She offered to have a sewing day for Jack - and get some of the local girls together to make things that might actually fit! I was talking to another dear friend last night and she mentioned something similar - so tomorrow we're going to do what we can at my house while the kids play. Maybe Jack Jack will actually let us get something done! (ha :))

The truth is - this boy has so little he can wear. I thought zip-front hoodies would work, but no dice. Since the cast comes up over the shoulders so high, the top of the zippers hit him around mid-cheek. So, if it's unzipped, they fall off the cast entirely, and if it's zipped up it ends up right around his mouth (and IN the mouth). He freaks.

And, pants - Oh, don't get me started on pants! We have several pairs of elastic-waist knit pants that just slip RIGHT off - they're all about an inch too long, too, so he slips on them. The second he has an opportunity, he pulls them off. This boy!

It just seems like he's destined to be naked! I was able to get away with a tee shirt much better late summer, but today it is very chilly - downright cold. He's in his dia de los muertos hoodie from Allison (which is a modification of a pattern - having shorter sleeves and a larger body). It's genius!

I'm thinking when T is here tomorrow, I'll see if we can hem up some of the shirts that are way too long in the sleeves at least. She has a serger. (YAY!)

What I really covet is one piece outfits, but none fit. And, to do a one piece, you really need a snap press (which I sold years ago). Unless I made some crazy zippered-leg one piece! Oh, that would be a sight. My little Michael Jackson.

We looked for pajamas for him at the store the other day and nothing would have worked at all. He needs a 3T in body, but you know how those buttons slip back open on menswear style ones? Oh, he'd have a fit with those! And the pants were ENORMOUS. John suggested I swap pants with a smaller size (tsk tsk) but I didn't. I need to see if anyone has some Hanna zippers for sale so I can try those on him. With the cuffs at the bottom and on the arms, I think they may adjust enough that they'd work - but you never know. I do know that blanket sleepers don't work at all - and I do know that Target carries zero pairs of pajamas in a 3T that have no feet (except aforementioned menswear ones that would require me to buy two sets of them - creating a $40 pair of pajamas!).

So, today I am optimistic and excited about the possibility of handmade clothes, time with friends, and comfort and quality for my boy. It sounds so simplistic - clothing that fits - but it is indeed a gift, as are my friends. (Thanks, D&T) :)


Vicki said...

Would you like a babysitter while you guys sew tomorrow? I'm available!
Love, Vic

Dannielle said...

hey. I have a snap press. And a snap source snap setter.

I spy



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