Friday, January 19, 2007

You've got the cutest little Baby Legs

Daddy is going to be OH SO happy with Mommy today for sharing this picture. He thinks "legwarmers are for girls" but these aren't legwarmers - they're Baby Legs!!! They do serve a purpose - easy diaper changes, keeping warm under pants in the super duper cold (like we're going to get this weekend!), and for potty training. (Big sister Piper is a big fan). :)

But - I couldn't resist sharing these - they're just PERFECT for piggy chomping!

Piper comforts Jack through his torturous photo shoot. "It's okay, Gacky Boy"

Sweet sweet boy


Anonymous said...

You know what else keeps baby's legs warm? Pants. Manly boyish-type pants. Not rainbow legwarmers.

Unhappy Daddy

Vicki said...

Oh... but Dad! They're cute now, but he will not be happy when he sees this pic in 15 years! lol...
Oh well. What are you gonna do. Isn't that the fun of being the parent?
I must say, I've never heard of baby legs and have certainly never seen anything quite like them before. At least not since 1982 when I had to walk to Dubourg. (Mine were burgundy.) LOL

Sara said...

lol - so funny.
I can hardly notice his leg warmers, but those eyes - yikes, they really pull you in.

I spy



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