Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Continuing Saga...

Jack is doing remarkably better. He started vomiting after taking amoxicillin, so we discontinued it but by then he was much better. Unfortunately, I now have thrush as a lovely side-effect of the antibiotics. So big JB is getting some gentian violet for me today. Jack doesn't seem deterred, and it isn't harmful to him, but it hurts all day. We thought it was a latch problem due to him having two teeth now, but the pain continued well past nursings and into my underarm and side of the breast, so it's thrush. I have to say, I'm fortunate in that we've never battled thrush with any of the five kids (who all nursed for at least a year) so I'm thankful for that. But, it still stinks ;)

This weekend it's supposed to be cold, even a wintry mix is in the forecast, but we're cleaning up this germ factory of a house and opening windows. It's been over three weeks of this and we're finally getting better - replacing toothbrushes, washing all the bedding on hot, (and nursing bras now, for the thrush), running all binkies and toys and whatever else through the dishwasher - everything needs to be cleaned. We need to wash the carseat covers, too.

OH - that reminds me! Jack got a big boy carseat in the mail this week! He's one inch from outgrowing his infant seat in height, so we have to switch him out. It's a Britax Boulevard, which is supposed to be the best/safest seat on the market. I like it because it has an infant insert to secure him. When we switch Pi into her Marathon she was much older (and more able to sit up and be secure). Jack is long, but still wobbly, so the insert will be a good feature. We'll switch that over as soon as we get back from California.

Speaking of, we leave in one month and 15 days! I keep watching DING! for good airfare deals. We have our hotel selected and our tickets are here for Disneyland, so that's exciting. I think Auntie Kimi and maybe my Mom are meeting up with us while we're out that way (which the kids are positively thrilled about - they keep plotting and planning who will ride which rides with Auntie Kimi). :)

So, that's that. Is January over yet? OH NO! Four weeks and one day until I'm THIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAH~

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