Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mommy Got A New Toy...

And now she's going to post even MORE pictures for everyone!!!
Here's a favorite - this was when he was still pretty miserable. I love the detail of his tiny fingernails and his chubby little hands:

Wellness has finally beat out the sickies in our house. We've been through quite a bit in the last few weeks, but the end is here and we are so thrilled. Hopefully at least we'll have some great immunity now - this was quite the super virus!

Jack is doing so much now - he's really starting to keep his head up when he's on his tummy. He deliberately reaches for toys as you can see here. (Note the lovely aftermath of antibiotics on his shoulder!)

A little background on this toy. When Sky was a baby, she loved Dopey. LOVED Dopey. My sister-in-law had a set of the Dwarfs that were sort of a molded plastic/rubbery substance - like bath toys. She saved them from when her daughters were babies and when we'd come over Sky loved to play with that Dopey. Years went by and I had forgotten about them entirely - until we went to the baby care center at Epcot. Right there, in with the toys and outfits for sale, was a complete set of Dwarfs!!! I told the chatty gentleman working there about the old set and he said Disney stopped the production of them for several years. They received the prototypes and the company who had made them changed the outfit on one Dwarf and the colors on another. It wasn't up to their standards, so they ceased production until they could get exactly what they wanted by doing it themselves.

Anyway - here's Jack with his Dopey:


Vicki said...

VERY cute! He's getting so big! (...and I don't mean just in length! lol)
I'm glad you are all feeling better. See ya soon... hopefully!

Anonymous said...

San, the pics are great! He's just gets cuter every day. :-)Jeanine

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