Monday, October 30, 2006

Picking Pumpkins

For nearly a decade we've been visiting Rombach's Pumpkin Farm. When I was still a little girl, my Dad's then-girlfriend took me there and I still have the cheesy pictures in front of the pumpkin pyramid taken with my little 110 Fisher Price Camera. Now my girls want the Fisher Price Digital Camera! Things have certainly changed, but Rombach's hasn't. Well, I don't remember the funnel cake stand (yum!) but other than that - they're reliably consistent. We paid $12.45 for five huge pumpkins - they were on sale, I suppose, or the gentleman with the eyeball glasses didn't exactly have math as his strong suit. :)

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day here - 70 degrees, sunny, and (as you can see) very windy. The girls had a great time riding ponies, picking out their pumpkins, and creating a virtual powdered sugar storm in the car with their fried doughy deliciousness. JB did well. He was decked out in his Bulldog romper and his little knitted pumpkin hat - and got many "awwws" from passers-by.

Without further ado (if you click the picture you can see the collage in larger format):

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Sara said...

Okay, these pics are ADORABLE. I love JB's hat, its great. That is an awesome pic of the two of you too.

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