Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A few little updates

A few updates

First - the shoes ended up going back. John noticed, as did I, that the edges were scalloped and frilly when they arrived. Duh, mom - you have to look at these things now! The joys of having all girls for 10 years! I didn't even think about it. But, we lucked out and a local shoe store swapped them out for some Pirate shoes. They're a size too big, but we'll have them for the fall.

Second - we're going to a pediatric gastroenterologist today. Suddenly Jack's reflux has gotten much, much worse. He is having almost a dozen really bad gasping/choking episodes a day now, and yesterday was the last straw. He was choking so badly yesterday morning that he wasn't breathing properly for a good two minutes straight. He'd suck air in, but then would flail and couldn't breathe in between because he had too much liquid in his upper esophagus and sinuses. We called the local Children's hospital and spoke with their pediatric gastroenterology department. They wanted us to come in immediately, which is a relief, but also concerns me because they see things like this ever day - yet they had a sense of urgency, too. I'm hoping to get some answers, discuss treatments, and get some answers about the safest sleep positioning for him (whether to continue having him sleep in his carseat/bouncy seats or get a crib wedge and sling). I also would like some answers about the risk of SIDS and aspiration pneumonia as related to reflux and his sleep position. We leave here in about an hour, so I'll update when I can.

Finally, a new picture of chubba lubbs - we estimate he's about 14 1/2 pounds now! At two months!!! He'll be outgrowing his infant seat in a month if he keeps this up!

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