Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The quest for the perfect stroller

In 37 days we leave four our 10th Anniversary Trip. We're going to Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons, in Savannah, GA. Then we go on to Orlando for 7 days at Disneyworld. We're veterans of the resort, but this is our first experience staying onsite and we're all very excited. You know that commercial where the little boy says "I'm too excited to sweep" and the Dad says the same - that's our house. J and I are like little kids. I think we get just as excited as they do!

So, in this countdown to the biggest, bestest vacation yet, I am trying to find the perfect stroller. I will bring a few carriers for JB - a sling, an Ergo, maybe a wrap, too. But, I know that at some point he'll need to be strolled. I also know that Pi will need a seat most of the time, and will likely need a seat comfy enough to sleep in. And even little Jae will need a resting place on occasion.

The rental strollers down there are awful - hard, molded plastic. Not ideal at all for napping and definitely not an option for a little baby. We have (ahem) a few strollers but none of them is perfect for this situation and I'm on a quest to meet the needs of our ever-growing crew.

I need a stroller that can fit through the tram lines - which are roped off and have concrete poles *just* narrow enough that my side-by-side won't fit. It's hard to wait for trams while your littles are unharnessed, and really hard to wait for trams when they're sleeping and you have to wake them up, but they can't bear their weight on their tiny legs because they're just so sleepy. However, I'll also need to bring it on Disney Transportation busses once in a while - like in our resort because the cabin will be so far from the dock for the ferryboat. So, I need to be able to collapse it pretty small.

I need a stroller that I can collapse like my Graco - it has a touch-button collapse mechanism that lets me do it totally one-handed. I love it, but it's huge - and bulky - and heavy. And it only seats one.

I'm thinking about the Joovy Caboose - which is a single stroller that has a funky little seat in the back.

The problem is - it isn't a seat that can be slept in by any means, if Pi should want to nap, which is inevitable at Disneyworld. Technically she could ride in the front and Jae could sit on the back while JB slings or is in the Ergo. That might work.
It also solves my line problem - in that it fits through the lines for the tram.

Another option is the Zooper Tango - but that is a side by side that won't fit. The Baby Jogger double is easy to fold, but again, won't fit through the tram lines. A Combi Twin Savvy folds small, and then book folds in half, but it may not fit through the tram lines.

We may be able to get a diamond parking pass from AAA. If we can, the parking spots are usually close enough to the park that you don't have to take a tram. Except Magic Kingdom, but that's on the ferryboat line from our resort, so we can just go down to the dock.

The quest for the perfect stroller has become my Holy Grail.

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Vicki said...

Girl!... I have NEVER heard of so many different kinds of strollers! You are something else. I'm sure your 'chat friends' that are mothers will know just what you're talking about and I trust that you will find the "perfect" one! :o)
I hope to see you before you leave. I want to show the girls my Disney pictures. Right before your last trip they were asking me a million questions and were intently listening to all of my Disney stories! lol
Talk to you soon!
Love, Aunt Vicki

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