Friday, October 06, 2006

Almost 11 weeks ~

As he starts smiling and interacting more every day, I am capturing a few better shots. :)

Yesterday he got his first baseball hat. has a "custom" option that allows you to monogram or initial one of their items, as well as pick the color of the garment and the polo symbol. We ordered a navy polo guy with the initials "JB" on the back (Daddy's initials and sometimes work-nickname). It looked so small I thought fat boy slim would have already outgrown it, but we lucked out...a bit of growing room in it yet!

We also fell in love with the (limited) "Rock and Crawl" line by Old Navy - I picked up this shirt for him a while ago, and a friend made the pants to match. They're black with a funky bandana "skull" print down the sides - very pirate-y :)

He's so "hard core!" (hahaha)


Vicki said...

Sandi....he's just adorable. What else can I say? I love all of the new pics and can't wait to see him soon!
I hope he outgrows his digestive problems very soon.
Always thinking about you guys.
Love...Aunt Vicki

Sara said...

How darn cute. I LOVE the rock and roller in him - he is definitely hard core. You can see so much personality in his face now.
love to all Bs

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