Wednesday, November 08, 2006

3 Months Old - 17 pounds!

Jackson has become so much fun lately. He's starting to play games with us - sticking out his tongue, smiling at his sisters. He's such a sweet, sweet baby. He knows how to get his hands into his mouth these days and can be heart slurping (loudly!) on his thumb and first finger from the back seat. We recently gave him the taggie blanket and he can manage to suck on the tags with deliberate movements!! His sisters all fight to take care of him and he smiles and coos when one of them comes near.

He realy loves his play gym these days. There is a cow on it that he just grins at and talks to, and a mirror that he loves to look into. He can roll a little from his back to his tummy, but he really hates being on his stomach. He's getting so strong and can hold his head and look around when he's in a wrap or front carrier.

He slept through the night this week! He's our best sleeper yet, going to bed around 9:30 and only waking up once most nights - but he is smiling and ready to get up pretty early.

We got some good shots that really show his personality. I love the one on the top right, myself.
You can always click the pictures to get a bigger view:

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Sara said...

Oh-I love all his faces. How sweet they are. It was so good to see you all yesterday.

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