Sunday, July 16, 2006

Miserable with fat feet

Look at the size of those feet - and where did my ankles go??? Yep - that's the joy of my pregnancy right now. When I wake up they're like that, too. I sometimes can barely feel the floor beneath my feet because they're so swollen. My OB refers to them as "Fred Flintstone" feet. :)

I can squeeze into one pair of shoes and they're stretched-out flip flops! And yes, my nails are blue - all of ours are (well, all members of the family who are female). We did pink for baby girls, so we thought it would be fun to do blue. This is OPI something Azure.

While we're at it - did you ever wonder what pitting edema looked like? It's a lovely condition where when the skin is depressed it stays indented for some time as the fluid is moved away from that spot.

Here is the profile of my left puffy foot before pressing

And after


vicki said...

Oh Sandi!!! I KNOW you're ready! I'm just nervous about it being before August 2nd! I can't imagine how YOU are feeling!

Keep up the good job of being humorous. I don't think I would have any wit, patience or sanity if I were in your shoes... I mean, flip-flops! lol

See you very soon!
GREAT Aunt Vicki

Sara said...

Sandi, I'm having flashbacks...or are they nightmares. I think I'll save those pics, they are good birth control for me ;)

I spy



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