Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Closer than you think....

In fact, up until yesterday, closer than WE thought. I had an appointment yesterday with some high blood pressure, so the doctor was a bit concerned. Jack's heartrate was up in the 180s (usually more like 140-150). She had me rest and re-checked it, then sent me on my merry way when it went down.

Jack's head is "right there" - he reacted to the cervical check by turning his head back and forth as if to say "Hey, someone else is in here!" (per Dr. M). I am now dilated to 3cm and "highly favorable" for an induction, which she and I agreed to move up a bit to Saturday morning. She'll be working a 24 hour shift on Saturday and I've abandoned the notion that Jack MUST be born in August. It will be nice having here there, on staff, the entire time we're admitted (barring any major complications). At least if I need additional pain management or have any questions or concerns crop up, she will already be there just outside the room.

At this point, I'm just anxious to have him in my arms and to know that we are all safe and healthy. Things are falling into place at home. It's hard to do the little things - even cooking or planning a meal. I want to just get take-out all the time. You know that feeling when you've cleaned your house and you're going to have a party so you can't possibly mess it up again before then? That's the feeling - times a hundred. But, we're trying to stay home and eat what we have here so that we'll be able to get takeout or convenience foods next week when we REALLY need them.

I've been having a lot of contractions today (and yesterday). Dr. M. stripped my membranes yesterday at the visit and it definitely stirred up a little activity, but I don't think it's going to send me into full blown labor. The bags are packed and in the car, ready to go. The "It's a Boy" hand-outs are ready to go. We still aren't 100% on the names, but time will tell. J is the only one in disagreement at this point, so I think team estrogen will persevere. But, we'll see. I had to run out today and get a new Boppy, since they seem to smoosh down every time you use them and I need as much arm support as possible to nurse. We also grabbed some bread/milk/juice at the store, to be sure we were stocked up. I was lucky enough to have time to get my haircut, highlighted, and brows waxed. I may actually even feel HUMAN after he's born - not to mention LOOK human in the pictures. I hope. Tonight we'll watch a movie from Blockbuster home delivery, and try to relax. I think there are still a few things to be washed in preparation, and then we could stand to be sure everything is properly packed in my bag again. But, that's that. I just need something to keep my mind off contractions and on getting through to Saturday!

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