Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a nice cozy relaxed Thanksgiving weekend. I hope yours was as well.

Jack was entranced by the Christmas tree - sorry the snapshots are so blurry - he's fast! Once it was lit, he was afraid to walk by it. When it was his turn to put on his ornament, I went to take a picture and he threw it on the floor. We'll have to see if we can order another one from the Downtown Disney shop. Silly boy. He had it in his hands for maybe three seconds. So, he's putting on the metal jingly gold one this year (totally indestructable). He'd hold it out, then pull it back, then put it on the tree, then pull it off again.

Six days until we leave for cast #3. This never gets easier. Thank goodness we had enough Marriott points for a free night this trip because we are barely squeaking by for this trip.

Some pictures to leave you with a smile, I hope.


Vicki said...

Your pics ALWAYS make me smile! Thanks! I needed that right now.
I'm looking forward to playing with the girls next week. I hope you get some good results from Jack's casting.
See you soon!

Sara said...

Look at those eyelashes. To die for. We are praying for you.

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