Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ain't nothin' gonna brake my stride, nobody gonna slow me down

Oh no.

Look out - trouble is all over the house!

We attempt to keep him in the pack and play as much as possible, which he likes, because if he falls in there it's padded and he can't really get hurt. However, he has taken to licking the side of it, which sends the entire family into fits of belly laughter, which Jack loves (and continues to do, over and over).

He has also started blowing kisses. He can't quite figure out what he wants to do when someone cheers for him, and while he used to respond by clapping, his cast prevented him from doing so for the first week. So, instead, he would try to clap by patting his hand on his mouth. He has since learned to clap by putting one hand upside-down and patting the other one, but still enjoys blowing some kisses to his favorite ladies (and Daddy, too).

Over the past few weeks he has been sprouting some new teeth as well. It astounds me to see the 15 of them in there - just one more on the bottom and he'll have a full set, which he loves to grit. I hope that's just a phase because it's the worst sound.

It's SO nice to see him smiling again.

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