Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Baby's First Christmas

My handsome baby boy on Christmas Day - all dressed up to go to Great Grandma's house (and his biggest sister, Madison)

Jack got a Bumbo from Santa for his first Christmas. It's this funky little foam seat that holds them upright so they can see the world without flopping over. He digs it.

He digs wrapping paper even more...

More family Christmas pictures -
Jae and Piper ready to leave for Grandma's in front of our tree. You can see the Mickey ornaments all over this year - we have hand painted ones with each of our names from the Christmas shops in Downtown Disney and the Magic Kingdom. Jack's is accidentally twice as big as the rest, so we need to order a new one for him next year.

It's quite the challenge to get all five looking at the camera, much less smiling...

A little bit better...

Okay, Mom - that's as good as you're going to get. Can we leave now?

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