Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Two Teeth, that is!

Normally I don't blog just two days later, but this was worth a brand new post. Scroll down for Jack in his "Mom Tattoo" shirt if you haven't seen that. It's worth a pause. Go on. Do it now before you forget. I'll wait.

Oh, just go look. Trust me. It's worth it.

Back? Okay, good.

Jack was just laying across my lap, griping, and when I looked down I saw that his second tooth has JUST broken the surface.
It wasn't there last night, so it either came through this morning or perhaps overnight. He's been a GRUMP all day, so that explains it. God willing, we'll all get a bit more sleep tonight (or maybe tomorrow - depending on how much still needs to come in). But I can see the top 2/3rds are through. It looks silly next to his BIG other tooth, now that it's in almost all the way! He's like a little can opener with one sharp baby tooth.

We baked spritz cookies yesterday with the kids. Jack was a good boy and slept through most of it, then played in his 'saucer. The beauty of homeschooling is that baking quickly turns into a math and chemistry lesson.

I'm still feeling Grinchy and not at all in the mood for Christmas yet. I'm going through the motions for the kids' sake, but today I have a headache and Sir Grumpsalot isn't allowing for much creativity in the kitchen. We need to grocery shop still, and I have so much more baking I'd like to get done, my Christmas cards are not yet sent, I need to mail an ebay auction, and we STILL haven't finished the vacation laundry. Will life ever return to normal?

What IS normal for a family of seven?


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