Saturday, December 16, 2006

You're my heartbreaker, dream maker...

4 1/2 months already!

That bottom tooth is quite the chomper now, and occasionally Jack will scream, we assume, because he bites his lip on accident with it. We're hoping tooth #2 breaks through very soon, so we can all sleep a little better.

The shirt he's wearing here is a size 12M and there isn't much room for growth. He's getting so strong, arching his back, rolling from side to side, and getting his feet up under his knees to scoot toward things he wants. His favorite toys right now are a litlte horse with polka dot feet that hang on his baby gym thing (he can get the feet in his mouth and chomp down), a knotty doll that has knots for its hands and feet, and any burp cloth or blanket that comes near him. Oh - and sleeves! He pulls his hand up into his sleeve and chews on the cuff until it's totally soggy and gross. But, he's quite the heartbreaker!


Vicki said...

Yes, he's quite the heartbreaker. He looks like he's ready to rock out! lol... Love the t-shirt!
I got quite a few pictures of him yesterday at John & Angie's. All of them with the same straight face. Before and after each shot he would smile adorably. You know how he is! All the pics turned out good anyway.
It was good to see you guys! Jack has sure changed a lot since the last time I saw him. I'm glad I'll be seeing you very soon at grandma's for Christmas!

Sara said...

I LOVE this picture. He looks 4 years old. My goodness he's growing so fast.

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