Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Riding this one out

3 more weeks and we're getting to the point where the cast is snug as a bug and the tummy seems to just stick waaaay out. But, he's in good spirits, sleeping well, and about five times a day he says, "hungee. 'nack?"

His favorite food is a circle-cut peanut butter sandwich. If you are a mom, and you haven't discovered the Pampered Chef circle cutter, as it is affectionately known in my house, look it up. It's worth it. We have two! I'm sure if you have deal with peanut allergies you are cringing at this point. But, we are fortunate to be okay in that department. Dairy, however, is always at least somewhat of an issue. But, his beloved "butter" is good and we are happy campers.

Jack eats at least two peanut butter sandwiches a day - most often for breakfast and before bed. Who am I to fight? I'm just glad the kid is EATING. He is still eating popsicles daily. Luckily we found a brand that isn't so awful for him. I don't fight that one, either. Again, it's liquid - albeit in a frozen state, but hydration nonetheless. And, the nice thing is, he can have either a drink of juice, soda, or a popsicle post-anesthesia as a liquid, so it's pretty much a guarantee that he'll go for a popsicle there. Last time there wasn't much he would take. I think we ended up with an orange popsicle, melting in the trash, and a cup of sierra mist from the little hospitality room.

When my oldest was young, I wouldn't dream of feeding her some of these things. But, when you mix reflux with sensory issues, feeding problems, and all the lovely digestive issues that can go along with curvy boys (and girls) - you take what you can get. A wise mom mentioned she gives her son high calorie foods when the cast comes off to plump him up a bit, which serves a dual purpose, really. If they get a little weight on them the week before, maybe the cast won't be outgrown so quickly and be a little more loose. Brilliant, if I do say so myself. Thanks for that gem, wise owl!

We're considering renting a Prius for this next trip. It's $45 a day through our dealer (where we got our van) and includes unlimited mileage. When I calculated the mpg for our car and took into account the cost of fuel, even after paying for the rental fee we'd still come out $50 ahead (minus any applicable insurance and or fees the dealer took out for the rental). But, I hear they're quite - um - cozy! And, if you haven't met us, Jack's Daddy is 6'10". Cozy = clown car for him.

Not much else is new around our parts. We acquired an old (not quite antique) oak dresser this week that was posted on Freecycle. And, if you don't know what Freecycle is, I feel sorry for you! It's a yahoo group where you can post things you want and things you no longer want, the one caveat being that the item is free for the taking, no sales allowed. It's a great idea to keep unwanted goods out of the landfills, something we strive to do in our home with having such a large family (and corresponding carbon footprint). It's rare that I am on the receiving end of a Freecycle. Usually it's my fast and easy way of getting rid of stuff we no longer need, use, or want. But, this time I stumbled upon a post in time to actually get the item and it was a great piece. A little TLC and hopefully it will go in Jack's room by the time he's ready to sleep alone.

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