Friday, July 11, 2008

Early Intervention

EI was here this morning to fill out paperwork. We have a physical therapist and - now I can't remember - someone who does a global assessment. That's happening in a couple weeks.

I'm so frustrated with this process. Apparently, our EI is on a sliding scale. So, in order for Jack to receive therapy through them, we would pay $180 a month. The won't be able to determine how many visits per month until after the formal evaluation. Our co-pay with insurance is $20 a visit and we have some annual limit that basically doesn't amount to anything.

And, while checking on the coverage for PT, I looked at our orthotics coverage again. The brace that our doctor uses, when we are finally finished with casting, is about $2800. Our max benefit per year is $2500, leaving us with $300 out of pocket for every brace he has made, plus our copay of 10%, which would be another $280. So, $580 for the first brace each year and another $2800 out of pocket if he should need another one.

While they were here, the EI specialist mentioned that our state insurance can help us with things, even if we have medical insurance. Great! Where do we sign up?

Oh - wait - it's on a sliding scale, too. And, you don't have enough in medical bills each month to qualify.

Here's the carrot - run, run, run - psych! Nevermind.

Which reminds me...

The NF Center at Children's will not schedule our appointment and it's getting ridiculous. They want a letter and office notes from his doctor. We had it faxed the same day. No one seems to be able to find anything, and cannot schedule until they have the letter. Um. It's a DIAGNOSTIC EVALUATION. Why do you need his office visit notes? Do you not take a history when we get there, regardless???

The insurance system in this country is a joke - both private and public. The medical community is freaking impossible to navigate. And, God forbid someone who works as a receptionist and schedules appointments for a living can ever do their job.

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