Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heeeere we go...

Tomorrow morning someone from the school district is coming to evaluate Jack for therapy/therapies. I've avoided this for a year now. I think scheduling the appointment somehow validates his condition as a longterm, chronic issue and I wasn't ready to admit to that. We had all our eggs in the casting basket, it was the only way to get through the financial and emotional stress of it, I imagine. But, now I'm ready. I think.

I'm nervous and anxious and a little nauseous thinking about it. There's a whole plethora of changes and upheaval around here these days and I need some grounding. I feel like I'm floating and nothing is certain, so I have to pull the reigns and get control back. Hopefully therapy will do that - being proactive is always good.

We're on the look out for a Thomas toddler bed, if anyone knows where we can find one at a good price. There's one in Lake St. Louis, but that's a heck of a drive. We are selling some things on Craiglist right now in preparation for the next casting and his birthday and drove to South City last night. Just that hour or so in the car has rubbed his hips raw again. So, LSL is definitely out. (It's the shaped train toddler bed, not the cheapy plastic one - it's a big thing with a built-in toybox). We're also on the lookout for a train table - would love Brio or an activity table from PBK. We've come to realize that these tables are perfect for kids in casts. Their mobility is challenged as far as balance and bending at the waist, so anything that brings toys up to his level is perfect. I was lamenting the fact that my Grandpa isn't here with us, recently at my Aunt's house. He would have built Jack *the best* train table. :(

Miss you, Grandpa. Every day.

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