Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Foodie's Baby

Who would have thought that a foodie would have a child who didn't eat. Do you know how difficult that is?

Jack's solid efforts have backslid yet again. Sometimes we don't see it immediately. I think the stomach virus last month is the original culprit, but we know that solids are just not something he enjoys eating. A bite of banana here, a piece of cereal there - but no real meals, no real food.

He's been nightwaking terribly lately, and while I know that the second molars are part of the problem, a friend suggested that perhaps he's just genuinely hungry. So, we set out last night to find some kind of beverage to boost his calories during the day. There are so many issues tied to his eating. For the last 9 months, he has been denied the opportunity to eat with some regularity. I think the impact of that, psychologically, has played a huge role in his feeding issues. In addition, the cast is against his belly at all times. Surely drinking the most readily digested thing on earth is far more comfortable than eating, and perhaps he's just learned that at an early age.

So, we are continuing to offer a variety of foods, and I will continue to make him plates of food (just to throw them away a half hour later), and I will continue to stay neutral on the issue when inside I am pleading and begging.

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