Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Beautiful (albeit Bizarre!) Easter

We had an awesome time with a small family gathering today - lots of yummy food, too many of my Grandma's best-in-the-world deviled eggs, and the most heavenly dessert from my Aunt. And, would you believe - SNOW?!

It was great just sitting around, talking, and listening to stories. That's a past time that we don't make time for often enough in this day and age. It reminds me of backyard barbecues, with the boisterous laughter of generations gone by.

Today was a sign that the tide is turning. Nothing went wrong, nothing was in crisis, no major problems, just good food, and good friends. We are blessed to be surrounded by loved ones and are so grateful for their time with us. Not only did they come and spend their afternoon and evening with us, they spent time hiding eggs, collecting eggs, making desserts and side dishes, driving a long way to sit and chat, and entertaining our kids. They brought laughter and joy (and a carpet cleaner!!!!) to a home that has been rather tumultuous this past week, and for that, I am grateful. The memories, and house, are fresh and life is good.

Happy Easter.

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