Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Any time I pull out my camera, I either get the super silly cheesy grin or a shy boy who won't look at me. So, very often I will say, "I SEE YOU!" From his profile, I immediately see his dimples deepen and he'll eventually turn his face to look at me. But, it's his little game - his way of asserting control.

He was just sitting up on the cube, clicking on the keyboard, and one of his sisters put their hat on him. He loves his sisters' hats, but will he wear any of the dozen darling BOY hats I have for him? No. Never. Rips them off immediately.

We were all giggling at him, in his plum newsboy cap with the embroidered flowers and I grabbed the camera. He turned and looked at the computer, pretending to be oblivious to me and the camera. Until I said, "I see you!" He smiled, still keeping his face forward, and said, "I SEE YOU!"

His very first sentence!!!

Literally, not a week ago I was considering a call to our primary care doc for a speech eval. He had missed so many of his speech milestones I was beginning to get concerned. Then, in the last week, it was, "Maaaaama," then "Dadda," then, "No," and "apple," and "Uh oh," and "choo choo," and something similar to "all gone."

And today - the little man busts out a three word sentence on me!

Here is his very pleased with himself response...

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