Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Busy Bee

It's been a busy month here at our hive - John will no doubt hate that analogy, what with his fear of bees and all.

Because we homeschool (or maybe that's just an excuse) I try to really go all out for the little holidays, too. Valentine's Day is, contrary to popular belief, NOT just a "Hallmark Holiday." It is the feast of St. Valentine! No, we don't reserve that day for the only expression of love year round, and no we don't feel the need to spend sixty two dollars on a dozen roses just because the florists say it's a rose day. It's one of those fun days when we can go a little beyond the call of duty and have some fun things to do. The kids woke up to a decked out table, which I learned the night before was, "The best part of Valentine's Day." (Whew! Good thing I had already planned the table!)

We also had a "do - over" for the girls' birthdays. Sky's was back in December, but an early December cast meant we weren't going to risk getting sick and then we DID get sick and missed Christmas as well. January was supposed to be the second attempt for Sky and an early birthday for Jameson, but then we all got the flu! So, we finally were able to bring out the party supplies this past weekend and had a very nice family gathering. It was great seeing those who could make it, and we hope we can catch up with the rest of you soon at Easter!

Let's see - what's new with Jack? Wild man insists on climbing up on EVERYTHING now. Last night he grabbed John by the finger and led him into the kitchen, pointed at the stove where I was plating up dinner, and then walked over into the dining room and pointed to his highchair! Not only is he EATING - he's enjoying it!! I wish I could say the same for clothing and coats. It was 18° outside today and this child is convinced that a jacket on his body will melt him, I think. Oh - speaking of clothes - he got his first pair of big boy shoes!!! We are firm believers in soft soled shoes for kids with developing legs and feet, but his Pedoodles boots just aren't quite up to wet ground in the backyard. Since that seems to be his favorite place, we decided it was time to get a pair of soft rubber soled shoes. The first pair were stride rites - a size 6.5!!!! But, he refused to walk in them at Laurie's, startled by the sound of the helium machine (which sounded exactly like the cast saw). So, we took them home and sure enough, he did a zombie walk and fell over, crying. The next day we took them back and got some lovely eccos and now he's super stylin' in his big boy shoes that he will even sleep in, if I let him. Yay! They're nice and flexible and still good on the concrete. This one is going to keep us on our toes this spring when the weather finally warms up!

Without further ado - the month in pictures (sorry for the yellow cast - low lighting inside and I'm not feeling up to photo editing for color right now - I suspect I have gallstones, so bear with me for a bit).

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