Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello Birmingham

A series of events this year have led us to a new path on this journey.

Despite dozens of attempts at contacting his surgeon and staff, calls were never returned and concerns were not addressed. With the assistance of the Infantile Scoliosis Outreach Program, and the amazing moms and dads on the CAST support group, we have transferred Jack's care to Birmingham. He will have cast #4 applied in Chicago in February, then the fifth one will begin our care in Alabama.

His new surgeon was one of the first trained in this method. He has the experience that we know will bring us through to the end of this process and we have heard from several parents what an ethical, supportive, caring physician he is. We feel excited and lucky to be in the ranks with his fellow patients and his support staff has already been prompt with communications and help with the logistics of transferring our care.

Although it will cost us a bit more, the travel being an additional 3 hours each way, the quality of care will be worthwhile. And most importantly, the cryptic message I posted months ago about an administrative issue was not going to be resolved. Rather than fight it with a lengthy legal battle (always wondering if the calls were not being returned or the quality of care was being compromised because of that) we have decided it is best to move forward in a facility where we are welcomed and our convictions are respected.

We will also have to go to insurance with this doctor, who is out of network. But, whatever we will have to pay out of pocket for this care will be worthwhile. No amount of debt will stand in the way of the best possible care for our son. So, we'll be on the road a little longer next time, but I know that the hands he will be in are some of the best in the business and that is worth more than words can explain.

And, some new pictures to show you our motivation...

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