Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Buzz

We were quite sure that the sound of the clippers would send Jack into a panic. The girls who came over to sew can attest to the fact that anything whirring or buzzing terrifies him. But, it's been months since Daddy had a haircut and since he's sick it was really aggravating him. So, I decided to give him a quick cut last night before bed. Since Jack was really interested and wasn't scared, I thought I'd give it a try. Despite a tiny bit of whining at the end, he did great - didn't even flinch. He loves being like Daddy. The girls came in and totally made him over, so he was quite pleased with himself by the end.

Today we're still sick and finding that the virus is settling nicely in various bacterial infections in our bodies - John's is in his throat and mine is in my right ear (running through my jaw, my cheekbone, and my teeth!). So, we've given up and called the doctor for drugs. Sometimes these things are just necessary, I suppose, but I hate when it comes to this.

The coughs are still very bad around here, and I am particularly concerned about Jack's lungs. Not only is he susceptible to pneumonia because of his curve, but we know the anesthesiologist will have a field day scaring us with tales of hyper-reactive airways and him being on a respirator. But, there's no way we can delay this cast change any longer - it's already SO tight, and we just can't risk him being out of the cast for that long.

So, hopefully in two weeks we'll see a huge increase in his health and wellness, and God willing we won't get yet another virus from the darn doctor's office. My sister-in-law had a great pediatrician when she lived out of town. They had a well-child waiting room and a sick-child waiting room. WHY do they not do this for every office? It seems so logical. We are typically diligent about not letting the kids play with the toys and holding him during the exam, but this last time resistance was futile and that is when we ended up with the stomach virus that ruined Christmas. I don't think we can handle another attack - clearly my efforts to stay away from people and crowds need to be more dedicated for the remainder of the winter. This virus is a nightmare and, apparently (from John's boss) we have heard it's going through all the schools in the area as well - and lasts about two weeks!!!!!! Maybe home grocery delivery isn't a bad idea after all.

And, to end with a smile - some new pictures of buzz boy. This haircut reminds me of the stories of my Grandpa - taking all five of his little guys down to the basement with the clippers. I have some old photos of my Dad and my Uncle Joe in particular that echo the look :)

(Scroll down past the slideshow for an old picture of my Dad)

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