Friday, July 13, 2007

We're going to Chicago!

I waited what seemed like an eternity for someone to call me back, and the phone rang this morning with Shriner's on the caller ID. I thought it would be some administrative person calling me back. I grabbed the phone with so much enthusiasm that I pulled it out of the wall! I yelled, "NO!" and plugged it back in, and thank goodness, the person was still there.

It was the doctor!!!! He was very friendly (a little defensive when I said, "I heard your team is being trained on serial casting," because they ARE currently casting and have been doing it for some time, he said.) He said, "Well, with a curve like that the horse may already be out of the barn, but I'd be happy to see him." That's all we want - a second opinion, a second option. SOMETHING to do during the next six months that we're waiting anyway for the surgeon. When I told him our surgeon's name, he said he knew him very well - so I was careful to be very respectful and just state that we wanted him to have other options and make sure that we explore everything non-surgical first and foremost.

He wanted me to talk to the applications coordinator to get our information sent up to Chicago from St. Louis, but she was on vacation. Nice timing! She'll be back Monday, though, so no major worries - I just want answers YESTERDAY.

I stressed the urgency to the appointment coordinator and she put me on hold and called the DOCTOR to see when he wanted him in. Like she didn't believe me that time was of the essence in his situation. He said Monday would be fine to get everything scheduled, so she relayed that and told me to leave a voicemail for the coordinator. I asked if we could schedule him and then deal with the paperwork on monday (so we could arrange hotel/transportation/care for the kids) and she kind of barked at me that they couldn't - "No way!" and transferred me.

I listened to this ten minute voicemail redirecting people to different extensions and things and at the end she said, "Don't leave a message on this voicemail box because no one will be here to check it and your call is important to us." But, I did anyway - and told her Dr. Sturm told me to.

So, now we wait - again- tick - tick - tick - but hopefully this will be just the weekend and we'll get some firm information on Monday. The bottom line is - we have options - he's going to be seen, and we can get the professional opinion of someone else. If we need surgery, we need surgery - but if we don't, it's worth it to try.

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Vicki said...

If you need me to ride along to Chicago to stay with the girls, let me know when you'll be going. I can pay for my share of the hotel room and whatever else is needed. I have some doctor appointments coming up, but other than that, I don't see any conflicts.
I'm here! :o)

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