Monday, July 16, 2007

Touched By An Angel

This past week, just after speaking with the doctor in Chicago, we touched base with a woman on a yahoogroup for infantile scoliosis. I was growing increasingly concerned about the fact that the other parents on this group didn't think the Chicago doctor had the right equipment or used the same technique in his casting. She asked me to call her, and within a few hours John was on the phone with her.

It was very hush-hush, but it turns out the european doctor who pioneered this non-invasive casting method for infantile scoliosis was hosting a symposium in August. Guess where?


Guess who she wants up there?

Little man!!!!

That's right. Not only is this doctor in Chicago doing the castings through his clinic, but the guru herself - the physician who dedicated her entire career to serial casting and curing scoliosis without surgery - is hosting a symposium there and, despite being retired, would actually BE Jackson's doctor!!!!!!!!! Words cannot express our hope and gratitude right now. We are guarded, knowing that he still has to be deemed a "good candidate" - but this is so beyond amazing. This could be the answer to our prayers that we didn't even know to ask for. This is the hand of God. Period. The coincidence is beyond anything on this planet.

So, the coordinator of this program emailed me while we were out today, asking that I call her cell. She was working from home and didn't have any of her information there. So, John just got off the phone and Jack is IN. The doctor will be in Chicago August 8th, 9th, and 10th. The 8th is an "exam day" - she has a small list of babies and will be evaluating who is a candidate for casting. On August 9th and 10th they are doing the castings. So, if she determines he's a good candidate, he will either be casted on the 9th or 10th. Heather said she has to talk to the hospital and see if they are a facility that requires an overnight stay after casting or not, and will let us know.

I'm nervous now - I want him to be a candidate so badly. My stomach is all flip-floppy.

I'm SO honored that Jackson gets to go up there. She has a small list of babies who will be going, and she said she called Shriner's today and had them add him. They said, "We have a new patient on here - it's a baby boy, age 11 months, but we don't even have his medical records yet or any of his information." So, it sounds like Dr. Sturm may have gone ahead and put us on the list after I talked to him last week, too. :)


Hand of God.

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