Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stand in the place where you live...

We're on the tail end of one of the most stressful months of our life. Right now it feels like everything is up and down, the relocation company who is handling our closing has rescheduled four times, and the finance company is throwing side projects at us every day (as if we have nothing better to do).

The kids are going completely insane with almost all the toys packed, and we haven't had a seriously healthy meal in days. All the take out and drive through have taken their toll on our physical and mental well-being, no doubt.

I keep having to remind myself that it is worth it - it is worth it - IS IT worth it??

It is. I know it is, and very shortly all of this will be a distant memory. But today, this week, it's rough. We're just ready to be done, settled, home. The images of our children running laps in the glorious new backyard carry us through, the memories of my own childhood spent running around the backyard at dusk with the clang of washers hitting a pipe (or the fence, depending on who was playing!), catching lightning bugs are forever embedded in my mind, in my soul. I mourn for the years that our children have been deprived of that, and await, anxiously, the moment our lives transition into that place - the lifestyles of our parents, our grandparents, hidden away from the evils of society and tucked neatly in a backyard lawn.

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