Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bunny Boy

As we prepare for the move, we find ourselves struggling to get through the day. The combination of 90% of the house in boxes and the excitement and anticipation of a new home are enough to send the whole crew into chaos. With so little to do, and yet, so much to do, we are constantly trying to find humor and joy in life. We have three weeks left in this home. And, though it is just a house built of sticks that we've never particularly been fond of in the structural sense, it is our home, our first house, and it is the place where we brought home our baby boy. This will be his first, and our third Easter, and it will be celebrated in this house amongst the boxes and bags. And, I'm sure, in the coming years we'll remember this house fondly, not for the exterior shell that was a house, but for the memories and soul that were our home.

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