Friday, June 30, 2006

The day is near

After much discussion with my OB, we have agreed it would be best to induce labor. In light of the fact that my last one was born in an hour from the first little cramp until she was out, it's just too risky to wait until spontaneous labor. I very well could end up delivering in the car, or not making it in at all. With J working 30 minutes away, and the bridge traffic as it is now, we can barely make it to the river within an hour of notification. So, we know the day our boy will be joining our family and cannot wait to see him!

(And, if you missed the edit to the Name Game post - we've decided to go back to the drawing board on the middle names. Sooo - his name will definitely be Jackson, but beyond that, your guess is as good as mine!)

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Vicki said...

Well Sandi.. I'm sure that knowing the date of Jack's birth takes away some of the anxiety, but also a bit of the excitement. I wish I was going to be home that day so you could just drop the girls off on the way to the hospital. If for some reason the date changes and it's a weekend, please let me know. I'm sure the more kids you have the harder it is to find someone to watch them.

I'm glad everything is progressing nicely. Now you know why Grandma enjoyed staying at the hospital 7 days! For a little peace and quiet!

Keep me posted and good luck!
(Great) Aunt Vicki

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