Monday, June 12, 2006

32 weeks - a peek into his crowded world

Well, I've been informed that I haven't been keeping up, so I thought I'd add Jack's newest pictures.

We are not doing a whole lot right now. I've been going to physical therapy for some horrible pain in my hip and pelvis, which doesn't seem to be working if you'd ask me at this very moment. I have to wear an SI-LOC brace, too, but it drives me nuts because I can't go to the bathroom with it on - and well, at 32 weeks that's about every fifteen seconds, on average. I managed to somehow squeak out three passing values on my glucose tolerance test, so I am free and clear of that label! Yay! Other than that, not a lot going on - just the typical aches and pains of pregnancy - reflux, sleeplessness, sciatica, etc.

The girls are getting so excited and can't wait for him to join the family. They recently had their dance recital and will be taking some time off from classic dance classes for the summer and just doing a few fun ones to keep in touch with friends.

Enough with us - let's get to the chubbster.

This is the 3D/4D ultrasound from - Julie works at my OB's office and she's a riot. We had far too much fun during this and Jack wasn't too cooperative, so this is the best we could get. They offered to have me come back this week sometime to see if he'd do better, but it's such a long drive. This is the picture I refer to as the "Uncle Fester" pic - you know, duh duh duh duht Uncle Fester? Anwyay - he looks like he's all smooshed up in there, face pressed against glass. This is the funny one. But you do get a good view of his perfect cupid's bow lips, and he looks so much like his sisters.

And then we have three of these, where his thumb keeps getting closer and closer to his mouth. I think he'll be a thumb-sucker (or whole fist sucker if he takes after his Dad, according to my Mother-in-Law, who managed to get his fists in his mouth right after he was born). But he sure is cute! You can see his little button nose here:

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