Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tumultuous Spring

A lot to catch up on, not a lot of time.

Here's the CliffsNotes version:

Investors pulled out after unleashing a mushroom cloud of demands including committing malpractice, lawsuits threatened, nastiness ensued. Epic fail.

Appointments. X-rays show a potential relapse to around 50° standing, around 40° supine. Dr. K sees the x-rays and says they're stable. Dr. D says he needs to be in a day brace 20 - 22 hours a day. Still undecided here. Waiting for another x-ray in May or June (another 3 months out from the first) to make our decision.

Unemployed. A flurry of applications, calls, begging and pleading result in assistance where needed and a bit of calm.

Application. Over 500 resumes, four states, 6 interviews (three face-to-face) and zero opportunities. Defeat?

Partnership. Previous colleague also has solo practice, joins forces and strikes a generous deal whereby we stand to profit from many cases in the works.


Vacation. In a bizarre twist, vacation starts tomorrow. When everything was paid for, we had no inclination this would happen. When the investors reneged, we had no idea that several months later, we'd still be in this position. Everything but the food was pre-paid at the lowest possible rate. Now all we have to do is show up and cover meals. With the villa having a kitchen, we should be okay. And, you know, after the last two years - I think God is saying, "TAKE THE VACATION!"

Thanks, God.

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