Wednesday, December 03, 2008

We're home!

The appointment went SO well. Our decision to go with K was completely validated. He was *awesome*.

He knew all the names of the major players in infantile scoliosis. He was well-versed in the treatment of thoracic curves. He wrote the freaking manual on the use of orthoses to treat scoliosis! He said, were it his child (which he says he's asked almost every day) he would use a providence and a day brace, for adolescent. But, if his child was Jack's age? He'd absolutely just use a providence because we need to account for rib cage expansion and, more importantly, lung expansion and development.

His cast saw was accidentally taken home last night, so we had to wait about a half hour while the resident ran to the other building to pick it up. It gave us a great opportunity to share information, discuss who we knew in the orthopedic community and their opinions on treatment, what Spinal Tech said about Jack, Birmingham, and the Providence brace - just, everything.

It was so, so great. K is friendly, approachable, flexible, you name it - everything a healthcare provider should be. In addition, of course, to being tremendously qualified. He, and the first orthotist we saw when Jack was 10 months, are the primary "spine guys" in the metro area and I have zero doubt in my mind that he was the right decision.

They finally cut the old cast off. It was tremendously disgusting. The area under the arms was drenched by the time it came off, from Jack sweating while he cried. Then we saw the enormous break-down under his arm again. It was in that same spot that was injured a couple months ago and, apparently, is a bit infected. So, we'll treat that with topical antibacterial cream - but it should heal up soon. They said we should have NO MORE BREAKDOWN, ever again! The brace shouldn't cause a single rub spot. Ahh. Can you imagine?

They gave us a pack of fiberglass to fix the cuts on his old cast and I removed the padding and the silver shirt that went under it (as well as that awful Hy-tape that I am so glad I never have to see again). He said acrylic paints work great on that fiberglass, and lots of kids paint them to keep them as a sort of souvenir. He suggested the girls do it when we got home. (Apparently his kids like having leg casts made) :) Great toys at his house, I bet! ;)

He has a Risser table, which is where they can actually correct the spine from many angles. It's not all that different from the casting table, really. They laid him down on a large strap, wrapped him quickly in wet fiberglass, it set up in about thirty seconds, and they cut it back off (no saw this time) to mail to the manufacturer. K gave us the option of paying to overnight the cast to them and back to us, which we gladly did. His fitting is the 10th, next Wednesday, and we are feeling so optimistic about this.

I'll update with more pictures out of the cast later, but here is what happened today:

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