Friday, November 21, 2008

Oil and Water..melon

Today is the day we craft our Christmas treats. My Aunt is coming over to help and we've finally unpacked all of our supplies this afternoon in preparation. A shout out to Bramble Berry who makes the best quality bath goodies and who pleasantly surprised me with two free items! Their customer service is fantastic and their products are the best. We played a game of "guess that scent" and were able to clearly pick our favorites. Mine were yuzu, a kind of asian citrus fruit, and watermelon.

And, speaking of oils, I found some in the garage aside from the fragrance variety. This is never good. John checked the parking lot at the office, but it doesn't appear to be actively leaking this afternoon. He's taking it up to our local oil change shop this afternoon and hoping they can find a source. We need to take it into the shop soon since our windshield has been obliterated. After just six months, we had three separate chips in the windshield, all of which spidered out. Our original plan was to have those spots repaired, versus a total windshield replacement. However, Friday night we came out to the car to change Jack when it was snowing just a bit. I had heard a thump on the windshield while driving the week before, but never did see a new spot. Apparently, the new spot was below that black strip at the bottom, and when I cranked the defrost it was enough to spread the crack across the entire length. We literally watched it spread all the way across, then back down.

I still suspect that Toyota put sub-standard glass in the 2008s. Our 2005 never had a single chip, despite driving on the same highways behind the same gravel trucks and trash haulers. We got hit with countless rocks out here, and I don't know how this windshield could be so sensitive while the other was not - but they claim the windshields are the same.

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