Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I suppose, if I tried really hard, I could tell you how this video was somehow relevant to Jack's condition and treatment. Those who know us, know we slapped that Obama sticker on our car long before was the Democratic Nominee. He's our home-town candidate, being from Illinois, and we firmly believe he will be the next POTUS. We wish him, and his family, the best of luck and support them wholeheartedly. And, when he is elected, I know that the hefty tax dollars we already pay to the government will be used in better healthcare solutions.

Having battled our share of fights over the last fifteen months, knowing what it is like to deal with the shock and grief of a new diagnosis and then have to constantly battle the insurance company to get your infant what they need. Well, it's just not something I wish upon anyone. I cannot fathom being Barack Obama, watching his mother on the phone, fighting with insurance companies while dying of cancer.

The sick and twisted reality is - the bills continue to come even when the battle is over. And, no family should have to deal with raising a child alone, struggling to deal with the profound grief, and deciding whether the food is on the table or the hospice care will be paid for. No family should choose radiation over power in their home.

And so, I will end that commentary with a smile. A bit of background:

This of this as a 'rack roll :)


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