Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lucky Seven

Cast seven is on and all is well.

The sixth cast corrected, but not as well as we'd hoped. Despite being down to 29° in the cast, by the time we made it back to B'ham for cast seven, it was up to 40° again.

However, Dr. K was able to get his spine back down to 20° - this is the best he's ever done, ever. Ever! His spine looks so amazingly great. His rotation is almost gone. You can see the "headlights" on his vertebrae the entire way up, which has never been seen before in the 14 months we've been looking at films. His ribs look fantastic, too. I never, in a million years, thought he'd look this great. Part of me is ecstatic - with hope restored, renewed faith in the treatment, and the promise of tomorrow. But, I've learned that for every up on this journey, there is almost certainly a down. So, I'm trying to temper my enthusiasm with a hefty dose of reality check.

But, yeah - a lot of enthusiasm!

I even emailed to ask for copies of his x-rays, they were so impressive. The first is out of cast six, while under anesthesia. The second is in cast seven. Lucky number seven.

Fantastic, right?

We also had a great trip to the beach. Jack did great at the ocean and enjoyed the water and the sand. It was hard to go back to "normal" life in a cast, but at the same time - glorious to have that precious time with him on his birthday. I cannot think of a better gift than that.

And, hope.

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