Friday, December 28, 2007



I'm getting concerned.

The rational side of my brain realizes that he's not dehydrated and is probably doing okay, vomiting aside, but the Mom in me wants it to be all better and I can't do it!

Last night we thought we'd cleared the night. That is, until 3:45 when he woke up vomiting again. That would be the sixth night in a row. Yesterday he threw up at lunch time - which he hasn't done since the beginning - and we called our primary care doc's office. You know what they said? They said, "Oh, yeah - he'll need to be seen, but the doctor is out of town until Monday and everyone else is booked solid through Monday." NICE HELP! No nurse practitioner to talk to, no backup doc to talk to. Nothing. He needs to be seen, but too bad because we're too busy! I was FURIOUS. But, furious enough to go to Urgent Care and risk exposing a weakened immune system already battling one virus? No chance of it. If he was dehydrated or lethargic, even feverish, I'd consider risking it. But, it's just the vomiting. (Every day!)

Today, he was clingy and crying again. We thought he was just tired, and being the baby who sleeps best in the car, we left to run one errand. One. And he threw up at a red light just after we left the store. (We all stayed in the car and John ran in for three minutes to pick up something).

He's sleeping on John right now, sprawled across his arm and one leg. We just called the doctor's office back and haven't gotten a return call yet. I'm so frustrated by this. I don't think the doctor will be too pleased to hear how his staff is handling things while he's gone.


Kimberlee said...

Oh gosh, this has got to be stressful.

I hope he heals soon.

stcranesnest said...

How's he doing now?

I spy



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