Friday, June 15, 2007

MRI Results


Nothing short of a miracle! Barb (the nurse practitioner from
yesterday who did his physical and "diagnosed" the toy in his belly)
called this morning as soon as she got in - knowing how worried we

No heart problems, no lung problems, no heart defects, no
gentio-urinary defects - nadda. His vertebrae are all intact,
correctly shaped, and his spinal cord is enclosed and the correct

We are SO relieved, and just high today with this news.

Monday we will touch base with the surgeon again and schedule an
appointment to figure out what his surgical plan of action will be to
treat his scoliosis. But, this is just the best possible news we could
have gotten today and we are so blessed.

Thank you all - tremendously - for your prayers and well-wishes these
past 11 days. We appreciate it all so much and could not get through
this without every one of you.

Much love,
John, Sandi and perfect little boy Jackson.

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