Friday, March 09, 2007

And He'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun...

Back from California. Jackson had his first trip on an airplane and did wonderfully! He slept most of the way there and only seemed to be uncomfortable during the landing when we got home. His stroller ended up being too big, so we had to buy another one out there at Target. He did great in the hotel, sleeping in the Travel Lite crib and was a stellar baby the entire time. If only his sisters were so well-behaved.

Mom - I'm ready for take-off

Kisses from Daddy in the Princess Fantasy Faire

Smoochy boy

Sea World Day :)

SO warm and flushed! (We lost the jacket right after this)

Developmentally, this week has been a huge leap for Jack - he cut through his last two of eight teeth (four on top, four on bottom now!) and figured out how to kick one leg underneath himself to flip up to sitting. Yesterday, he was sitting on the couch by me and pulled himself up to standing, and today he learned to crawl in rhythm and can get around SO fast! He's off the rug in seconds now. He's also started the diaper change fight - but he doesn't wiggle when sissy changes him, she's happy to report. He's really getting interested in toys and will hug and hold onto his little Anne Geddes bear from the boutique in Downtown Disney(land). If you put it out of his reach, he'll crawl over to the baby right away.

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