Monday, February 12, 2007

Mom's Birthday

I'll spare you all the cliches of turning thirty, and how quickly the times goes by. But, I wanted to share some pictures from my celebrations this weekend. My request for my birthday was to have dinner with the whole family. My Grandparents are like parents, my aunts and uncles like siblings - I cannot imagine birthdays or Christmases or Easters without them nearby. I could live my whole life without friends and still feel gratified having this network of amazing people in my life. They're always there, no matter if you're some goofy kid with a tube top falling off in every picture or a teenager with a mouth full of braces and not a clue in the world who thinks you know everything!

They are the epitome of the word - they are my family. And, I can think of no better way to ring in the third decade of my life than with them. There were some people missing, and they certainly would have made it even better, but they were in my thoughts that night, too. I received some really thoughtful gifts that were perfect for me and really showed me that people know who I am. It was great! The whole weekend was a celebration!!!

Feeling bad that you missed it? Wishing you had joined in the festivities!!?!? Well, it's not too late! That's right, slacker! If you're reading this site, you better pony up. :) I'm having a Pampered Chef party in honor of my birthday. It's the perfect arrangement. You get to buy stuff for YOU and I get stuff for ME! You can't go wrong!

Lovely Sarah is the resident Pampered Chef around town, so to speak, and she has set up an online party for us. So, go shop!!!

Okay - on to the fluffy stuff...
My girls

The whole crew

The "kids" table (okay, not really kids - but there wasn't enough room for all of us at one table, so they split us up.
Uncle Kissy Face and Aunt Angie

My cute Grandma (don't let those innocent looks fool ya - she'd take you out Just kidding!!! She's gentle as can be. She's practically a SAINT considering what I was like as a kid!) And Uncle Rick and Aunt Barb

Silly "noollull" girl

"Take a picture of my new watch, Mom!"

My guys

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