Thursday, September 07, 2006

32 weeks VS 3+2 weeks

As you probably remember, we did the 3D/4D ultrasounds with Jack's pregnancy. It was our first time with them and Jason and Julie are just AMAZING! (Julie is also a radiologist at my OB's office so we got to be good pals those last months, and I talked to her and Jason (via Julie's phone) on the day of my last appointment). I was actually sad to leave those weekly visits. I was blessed to find an awesome obstetrician, whom, I have no doubt saved my uterus from another cesarean scar with her quick thinking during the prolapsed cord incident. The support staff, though, really makes it or breaks it for me with medical care. I've found a lot of good doctors with terrible support staff over the years, and it's just such a hassle to deal with crabby people all the time that I'd rather keep looking than listen to griping. My OB's office is just amazing - great nurses - the best - and awesome receptionists. Even the hospital nurses told me that they love my OB and that she's so wise beyond her years, which is very true. She's young, but not inexperienced, they said. And I loved that she was so laid back, very calm even in the midst of a panic situation. She almost exudes peacefulness and you can't help but feel relaxed when she's around. (But she also takes you seriously, when you have a concern, which is crucial). Can you tell I've been to a dozen OBs in the area?! It's important to remember that you are paying them for a service - often thousands of dollars over the course of a pregnancy.

Anyway - so Julie and Jason at did both of our ultrasounds with Jack. They were awesome and we have tons of pictures now to keep for him when he's a bit older. I set up a side by side comparison - similar pictures, but he's holding his ear instead of trying to suck his thumb. It's amazing, I think.


Christi said...

Way cool!!!

Sara said...

It is so amazing how true the image is in the ultrasound. I love them.

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