Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A month gone by

My how time flies!

Well, little Jack is a month old now (as of yesterday). He spends so much time awake now - looking around, starting to smile, cooing and "talking" to us. He's sleeping pretty well, waking up every 2-3 hours or so but pretty much going right back to sleep. He loves taking baths and widens his eyes as soon as he hits the warm water, as if to say "oh yeah - I remember this!"

The girls are still utterly smitten with this little man, as are we. They want to be near him every second of the day and I have to particularly be careful with the little two around him - so they don't "love" him too rough. ALL of them can't keep their voices down in the slightest bit, so hopefully he'll adjust soon and stop startling awake when one of them shrieks or there is a crash (which happens several times a day).

I still can't seem to eat dairy without him projectile vomting. He got J last night BIG TIME - poor guy had to take a shower. It's really hard - it seems dairy is in everything (even our bread). I have to go through my grocery list again and try to figure out meals for next week and right now I feel sort of disenchanted with the whole eating process since so much is off limits right now. But, it's worth it to have a comfortable, happy baby - definitely. I crave cheese like crack, though.

We are in the process of planning Jack's Baptism and his biggest sister's birthday. It just worked out that we could do both on the same day, so that's a big relief to Mom the uber-planner. I've ordered their cakes and just need to figure out what food we're going to have so I can place that order as well. I AM NOT cooking this time! Sorry, guys ;) I just don't know what to get yet. But she's very excited that he's being baptized the day after her birthday. Since she's having a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed party, she wants him to dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow. Um - sorry kid! No chance. Can you see that Baptism?

Made up a new collage for you guys - so I'll upload that and then I'm off to find something to eat for lunch. Crackers and water, perhaps? :)

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Aunt Vicki said...

AWWWW... His eyes are so big! I can't wait to see all of you this holiday weekend!
He is just TOO adorable!
Thanks for the update!
Aunt Vicki

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